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5 Star Rating

Mothers Love Too has been an incredible daycare for me. The entire staff has been very warm and responsive. I had my child in another daycare before Mothers Love, and my oldest attended even another dacare when she was of age, neither one of these other daycares compared even slightly to Mothers Love. My youngest has attended Mothers Love Too for two years now and she is currently in the Pre-K program, they inform me of events, attend to her speach needs…if I ask if shes eating well or how her interactions with other children are, they have no hesitation in telling me because the pay close attention to each child. They are also very diligent of informing parents of any sickness or illness that may be circulating in the community, which is a major issue Ive had with other daycares not informing me of. I can very much highly recommend Mothers Love. I am a student and a single mom, and Mothers Love Too has went above and beyond the necessary measures to meet my needs. I am very proud to have my child attend here and wish that I had found them sooner.

Glow B

5 Star Rating

Both of my children attended Mother’s Love since infancy. Both completed the Georgia Pre-K there. Then, both continued into the Kidz Klub every summer with my youngest still attending. They always loved the awesome activities. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for the best child care!

Dawn K

5 Star Rating

My daughter went to Mother’s Love a few years back for Preschool. The staff is wonderful and they made sure that her Speach needs were met. They take the time to make sure each individual childs needs are met.


5 Star Rating

My 9 month old attends Mother’s Love and she loves all of the staff. The staff takes very good care of her. It’s like she is one of their own. I wouldn’t send my child anywhere else!

Ann M.

5 Star Rating

All of the teachers at Mother’s Love are wonderful and love my kids like their own! The safety protocols are excellent and my children love going everyday because they know they are safe and loved. The foods are very nutritious and the educational activities are very age appropriate. My 6 and 3 year old have thrived since going to this center and I plan to enroll my 7 month old soon! I highly recommend!!

Shannon Ross

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