Child Care For the Selective Parent

We provide care for the young child, Georgia Prek for the four year old, afterschool care and transport, holiday care and summer camp for the older child (KIDZ KLUB).

State-Certified Child Care

Experienced and Caring Staff

Age Appropriate Learning Activities

Strictly Followed Safety Policies

Mothers Love Child Care and Learning Centers Services

Care is provided for children from age 6 weeks through 12 years.

Full day services are available

Monday through Friday from 6:30 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. everyday except major holidays.

Transport to and from school, school holiday care and KIDZ KLUB summer camp is offered for the older child.


Infant Care

Our Infant Room is a special place where each child receives the very best care…the care your baby deserves! Research has shown that the first year of life is a critical time to establish and strengthen social, emotional, physical, and intellectual development.  It is a time of much growth, exploration and bonding.  We partner with our families to create continuity between the classroom and home in order to support these areas of development and to best meet the needs of each individual child. With low staff to child ratios, our teachers are able to provide the nurturing care and personal attention that infants need and that parents expect.  Individual interaction throughout the day gives the babies comfort and creates bonds that are necessary for social and emotional development. We have carefully selected age-appropriate equipment and learning materials that allow our teachers to promote learning and physical development.  Singing, storytelling, music and movement, puppet play, and art are just a few of the everyday learning activities designed to stimulate the senses.  The teachers help the children explore the concepts of cause-and-effect, trial-and-error, and object permanence using a variety of materials of different colors, sizes, textures, and shapes that encourage exploration.  Gross and fine motor activities are also planned to meet the specific physical developmental needs of each child. We realize the importance of choosing the perfect program for your baby.  We are confident that we can meet and exceed your expectations.  We invite you to come see why so many parents are happy they have chosen MLCC and we invite you to get on our waiting list today!

$151 per week


Toddlers & Two’s

Toddlers are an active and inquisitive bunch!  They are exploring their new mobile world with much excitement and wonder.  Our Toddler programs quench those curious minds with interactive and engaging learning experiences each and every day.

We have carefully selected equipment and learning materials to stimulate that curiosity and have arranged the classrooms to encourage exploration.  Our curriculum provides opportunities for a wide variety of learning opportunities in a supportive environment that strengthens the social and emotional well-being of each child. This support from the teachers, as well as the opportunity to make simple choices, will help your child become a confident and eager learner.

Language & Literacy, Dramatic Play, Blocks & Transportation, Music & Movement, Fine & Gross Motor, Art, Science, and Math are the domains used to introduce concepts and measure learning outcomes.  Whether they are building towers with blocks, role playing in the “dramatic play” area, or sorting manipulatives by shape and color, the lesson plans engage the children in fun learning activities throughout the day.

A typical day consists of large group, small group and individual interaction that will take place both indoors in our developmentally appropriate classroom and outside on our specially designed playground.  Our Toddler program provides a fun and engaging curriculum in a safe and supportive environment that will promote your child’s new love of learning.

$142 per week 



Not all preschool programs are equal!  Quality preschools “use” teaching and learning practices that are research-based while providing a safe and developmentally appropriate environment.   MLCC does just that! Preschool children are curious, active, and social learners who are exploring their newly found sense of independence.  We encourage this independence with just the right combination of teacher guided and child directed activities in a classroom environment specifically designed for them.

Our Preschool classroom is divided into academically based learning centers including Language & Literacy, Science, Math, Blocks & Transportation, Dramatic Play, Art, Music and Movement, and Fine Motor/Manipulatives (what term do you use?).  These centers are set up for independent and small group activities where the children have ample time for hands-on exploration.  During center time, teachers interact with the children, ask questions, set up learning experiences, encourage higher level thinking skills, and inspire creativity.

We use an integrated curriculum approach based on the Georgia Early Learning and Development Standards (GELDS).  For instance, a lesson plan about apples may include activities such as tasting several apple varieties, measuring, weighing and sorting apples, watching seeds grow, baking an apple pie, and even setting up a “bakery” in the Dramatic Play center.  Integrating all learning domains in the lesson plan allows the children to make deeper connections and therefore meet and often exceed the expected learning outcomes.  Our program certainly teaches the children in our preschool classroom, but more importantly, we inspire their love of learning.

$ 131 per week  (2nd Child/Siblings: $124/wk)

MLCC_PrekindergartenGeorgia Pre-Kindergarten Program for 4 Y/O

Our Pre-K Program is designed to prepare children for Kindergarten by developing the necessary skills, instilling good habits, and encouraging a positive attitude toward learning.

Our state certified lead and assistant teachers create integrated weekly lesson plans using the Pre-K Content Standards and the Georgia Early Learning and Development Standards (GELDS).  Our lesson plans incorporate all learning domains and consist of planned activities that engage the children in hands-on, meaningful learning experiences.  Learning outcomes are observed, documented and measured to ensure the successful implementation of the curriculum.

The Pre-K classroom is divided into learning centers including Language & Literacy, Science, Math, Computers, Blocks & Transportation, Dramatic Play, Art, Music and Movement, and Fine Motor/Manipulatives. The centers are equipped with a variety of open-ended learning materials that encourage thinking, investigation, and problem solving.  Instead of just answering questions, our teachers engage the children in conversation that helps guide them toward possible answers through reasoning and deduction.

Our goal is not only to prepare the children for school, but to send them to Kindergarten as independent, deep thinking, problem solving students who are excited about learning.

The Georgia Pre-K Program, for children who turn 4 years old prior to September 1st, is in session during the traditional school year from 8:00am-2:45pm.

Hours: 8:00 a.m. to 2:45 p.m
$ FREE – no meal charges

MLCC_Holiday-CareExtended Day and Holiday Care for 4Yr Pre-k 

For the child who needs care before 7:40 a.m. or after 2:45 p., Extended Day Care is offered. Holiday Care is available on a day by day basis for days that 4 Y Pre-K is not in session.
Extended Day $61/week
Holiday Care $28 per day

MLCC_Holiday-Care3School Age Program

Our before and after-school program provides the perfect combination of recreation and education. In our safe environment, your child will be presented with many opportunities for fun, socializing and learning. The classroom is arranged into learning centers that include Language & Literacy, Computers, Blocks, Science, Games and Art. The children enjoy playing board games with their friends, creating inspiring artwork, building sky high block towers, and participating in fun outdoor physical activities. Teachers also work with students on school assignments and give individual homework help when needed.

We understand that many parents have to be at work early or work late and getting your child to and from school can present a challenge.  To ease those demands, our experienced drivers provide safe transportation to and from local schools on NTSB approved buses. We also provide breakfast in the morning and nutritious snacks in the afternoon.

MLCC provides care for school closings on a first come, first served basis.

Morning Care & Transportation – $45/week
After School Care & Transportation – WITHIN CITY LIMITS – $74/week (Older sibling $63/week)
After School Care & Transportation – OUTSIDE CITY LIMITS – $78/week (Older sibling $71/week)

MLCC_SummerCampKIDZ KLUB Summer Camp and Holiday Care

Kids rave about our Kidz Klub!  Fun filled days and weeks are planned with action-filled activities for the children when school is not in session.  We offer the perfect combination of planned enrichment activities, field trips and special visitors, and that equals a ton of fun!

The classroom is arranged into learning centers such as Language & Literacy, Computers, Blocks, Science, Games, Arts & Crafts, and a Nintendo Wii station.  These centers are equipped with a variety of materials that spark the interest and curiosity of our campers while at the school.  Swimming, bowling and skating are just a few of the fun field trips we offer. The Kidz Klub especially enjoys visiting …. to read, play games , and cook with their residents. Visits with the Humane Society not only teach the students about animals and pets, but also provides them the opportunity to give back to our community.

$ 105/week  (2nd Child/Siblings: $100/wk)